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Xiaomi MMC BT4.0 Smart Electric Digital Clock Thermometer Hygrometer Temperature Measuring Tools Control with MI Home App

৳ 2,850.00

High-precision digital sensor, accurately monitor temperature and humidity changes
The temperature and humidity smart clock is selected from Swiss Sensirion’s high-precision digital sensors, which can quickly and accurately detect the subtle changes in temperature and humidity, and provide more considerate protection to the family when the season changes and the temperature changes.

Power-on display time, long press to wake up the alarm
Built-in high-precision RTC clock chip and backup battery, the correct time is displayed when the power is turned on, and the correct time is still correct after the battery is replaced. With APP, you can customize 18 groups of alarms, long-press the alarm touch button above the smart clock to turn on/off the alarm, tap any touched button to end the alarm reminder

One key to start the timer, Pomodoro Technique
The timer function or Pomodoro function can be turned on with one key through the [S/S] touch button above the smart clock. The timer function has two ways of counting up and counting down to meet your routine timekeeping needs in your life; the Pomodoro function can customize the working time and rest time through the APP to improve your work efficiency.

Buttons and functions
Alarm key: view alarm clocks; long press to turn on or off all alarm clocks; return to clock mode to check the current time.
H key: countdown hour setting
M key: Countdown minute setting.
S/S key: start or pause timing; long press to enter Pomodoro mode

E-ink electronic ink screen, multi-view, and high-definition display
The smart clock uses the E-ink electronic ink screen as the display screen, which is close to the paper-like display texture, ensuring ultra-low power consumption, and also has a nearly 180° high-definition display effect.

Temperature and humidity curve display, historical records can be checked at any time
The smart clock can upload the monitored temperature and humidity to the mobile phone APP, automatically draw the temperature and humidity curve, the user can intuitively see the temperature and humidity changes through the curve, and can save the temperature and humidity records to the APP, the user can open the APP to view at any time

Linkage with smart devices
Through the Mijia Bluetooth gateway, the smart clock can be linked with other smart devices in the home to improve indoor heating and cooling and make your home more comfortable.

A variety of flexible placement methods, suitable for a variety of scenarios
The smart clock comes with a stand, which can be placed on a desk, bedroom bedside, desk, etc. according to personal preferences and needs; with a magnetic attraction function, it can be easily attached to iron objects such as refrigerator doors and bookshelves; it is also equipped with Double-sided adhesive accessories, you can paste the smart clock in any position according to your needs.

Freely choose the screen to highlight the content to meet your needs
The smart clock displays the time by default, and the secondary displays temperature, humidity, and comfort expression. The user can change the main display time to temperature and humidity through the APP settings.



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